MTech repair center provides services for all major brands of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our technicians specialize on Apple and Samsung, but are trained to work on many different brands.

At MTech, we hire true IT professionals. MTech employs technicians that have received training and certification from recognized organizations (i.e. Apple, Microsoft, U.S. Military, Wild PCS, etc). In addition, our technicians undergo a series of on-site practice and verification tests prior to actually working on customer devices. Each location is required to maintain up to date on technical certifications and knowledge of new devices as they are introduced into the market.

Error 53 is caused when there is a failed authentication between the Apple device logic board and the Touch ID circuit coded to the device. This can happen depending on the physical damage that occurred prior to repair or if you select a repair company that is not certified or experienced in performing these repairs.

How does MTech prevent this from happening on my device?

MTech ensures that original parts related to authentication are retained during the repair process. Additionally, MTech certified technicians are specifically trained on performing these repairs and conduct multiple tests as part of the repair process.

We recognize that you may have many choices on where to get your device repaired. At MTech, we will provide you an honest and fair assessment of how to repair your device and provide the most cost effective solution (which may include not fixing the device and trading it in for a pre-owned or new device).

When you repair your device with MTech Repair, you receive;

Our commitment! Ensuring you understand the repair requirements and
your options.

Our integrity! The highest level of workmanship performed by our certified

Our solution! High quality parts and accessories supplied by US
Suppliers aligned to our standards.

Our promise! Backed by our unique two (2) year warranty.

A water damaged device (phone, tablet, or computer) should be brought in as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Do not power on the device or attempt to open it on your own. These, as well as other factors determine the success rate for the repair. There are no guarantees, but MTech technicians have a high success rate repairing liquid damaged phones.

There are certain damages that will cause data on the device. However, there are no repair procedures conducted by MTech Repair that will cause data loss during the repair. MTech highly recommends that you back up your data prior to bringing it in for service.

We have no affiliation with these or any other manufacturing company, however, our technicians maintain training and certifications to perform out-of-warranty support and repairs on phones, tablets, and computers.

We provide strive to provide fast turn-around on most repairs (usually within an hour). However, we are very focused on doing your repair right the first time and do not cut corners. If you are pressed for time, ask about our expedite service.

Yes. We offer a national ship-in repair service at mtechrepaironline.com that maintains with the same level of workmanship and warranty. The service also provides free return shipping also.

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